Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

In the era of globalization of the world, relation among the countries have improved therby enabling people to travel from one country to another. Owing to the frindly countries to reduce their unemployment problem by going them employment opportunity.
Keeping in view the unemployment problem of our beloved country Nepal, and the dilapidated economic condition of fellow brethren and sisters, we have taken an opportunities to cash the vardial relationship of our country with most of the countries in the world, into recruiting business to uplift the living standaed of our fellow countrymen and women. That is why, we have established Tirupati International Manpower Pvt. Ltd., which is committed to render the best possible service to its overseas clients by meeting their demand of workforce exactly as per their recruitments within the specified time frame and at the same time, arrange the right candidates for right jobs to avoid the workforce plight. It is our motto to win the confidence of service. So that they will continuosly offer us opportunity to deploy the Nepalese workforce to them.
Therefore, we would like to request all the concerned to allow us to achieve our noble goal by offering employment opportunities to the Nepalese workforce through us.
We are sure that your small benevolence will bring great change in the condition of our fellow brethren and sisters and they will thank you open heartedly for your kindness.
Thanking you & looking forward to receive your valued support.

Rabindra Yadav